Економічна експертиза

Economic expertise

The study of business enterprise, of the processes of formation of financial performance on operations and correctly reflect them in accounting.

Будівельно-технічна експертиза

Building and technical expertise

Determining the value of the object of design work, the suitability of the object for operation, compliance with the requirements of technical safety; the definition of the use of the land, the living object.

Автотехнічна експертиза

Auto-technical expertise

The establishment of the mechanism of the accident and its elements, establishing the conformity of the driver with the technical requirements of traffic Rules.

Товарознавча експертиза

Commodity expertise

Determine the origin of the goods to classification categories for quality changes of goods; establishment of method of production, cost of goods, compliance of packaging and transportation conditions and storage time.

Психологічна експертиза

Psychological expertise

Identify the specifics of mental activity and their manifestations in human behavior, which have legal value and cause certain legal consequences.

Пожежно-технічна експертиза

Fire and technical expertise

Determination of causes of fire; - the timing and routes of fire spread; technical state of the object with fire safety standards.

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