Economic expertise


види експертиз

Economic expertise

There are many business entities (legal entities and individual entrepreneurs) and ordinary citizens in today’s market conditions, who become participants in the courtroom proceedings because of a variety of reasons –starting from administrative disputes with regulatory authorities and ending withcriminal theft-related and property damagecases.

Typically, the best option to protectyourself in the judicial process in such situations isconducting economic expertise by a highly qualified specialist, which aims to:

Examine the documents of accounting and reporting; Examine the documents on economic activity of enterprises; Examine the documents of financial and credit operations.

 The research in the field of economic expertise is based on the study ofeconomic activities of enterprises, the process of formation of financial indicators as for ongoing operations and the correctness of their reflection in accounting.The aim of economic (accounting) examination is to detect accounting distortions of such negative phenomena as shortage, allowance for losses, theft of valuables etc.

Forensic accounting examination is the analysis of financial and economic activity of a legal entity,conductedby the forensicaccountant expert forresolving specific list of questions.The economic essence of forensic economic expertise is disclosed in the sphere of finance, accounting and audit, economic analysis.

The range of issues that can be solvedby aforensic economic examination is unlimited and depends on the specific facts of violations, identified during audits and inspections.Herewith, questions,that are the subject of research, are limited under the current Legislation onforensic examination and the Instruction on the appointment and conduct of forensic examinations and expert studies.