Phonoscope examination


види експертиз

Phonoscope examination

Tasks to be solved in carrying out the phonoscope examination:

Clarification of technical conditions and technologiesof video and sound recording. Identification of a person by physical data (voice). Clarification of technical conditions and technologies of video and sound recording

Anindicativelist of research issues:

1) Was it an exact technical device, on whicha videophonogram (phonogram) and its fragments have been recorded?

2)Did one or several technical devices fix specific fragments of the video phonogram/phonogram?

3)Is it anoriginalvideo phonogram (phonogram) or is it a copy?

4) Was the recording of the video phonogram/phonogram without interruptions?

5) Were there any changes in the video phonogram/phonogram?

6) Was the recording of video and audio synchronous?

7)Does the video content correspond to the recorded sound?

8)Which video phonograms/phonograms contain the remote information area of a technical device (digital recorder, removable media, other audio-/video recording deviceetc.)?

9) Is it possible to fully/partially restore video phonogram/phonogram from a removable storage device?

Identification of a person by physical data (voice)

Anindicative list of research issues:

1) Did these people participate in the conversation recorded on the phonogram, and what kind of words and phrases were said by them?

2)How many people participated in the conversation recorded on the audio-/video recording device?

In order to determine the technical conditions and technologies for obtaining a phonogram, an expert is provided with the following:

a) the original record;b) the original device on which the record was fixed;c) theadditional equipment used for audio-/video recording in complete set (microphone, power supply, control devices etc.);

d)complete information about the modification of a sound recording device and the additional equipment, indicating thedata changes in timing with a description of the recording path from the transmitter (microphones, video cameras) to the receiver (technical means of fixation), specifying the number of channels and other related technical means.

To identify person by sound recorded in the device, a specialist is given a record with comparative patterns in the form of a dialogue or monologue.Voice recordings are recorded on professional equipment in high quality; they should be compared with the researched phonogramsin sufficient volume (10 minutes of speech without pauses for each person).In some cases, an expert is invited to select a phonogram.

Determination of the conversation text content in the audio-/video recording is not a difficult task for the examination due to the fact that it does not require special knowledge and can be carried out by an ordinary specialist.