Auto-technical expertise


види експертиз

Auto-technical expertise

Unfortunately, sometimes drivers get into car accidents.Often this happensthrough no fault of their own.Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institution (KIFEI)is ready to help in such situation and quickly, efficiently and effectively implement anauto-technical expertise, which gives a reliable course of events.


Auto-technical expertise carries outa number of comprehensive measures whose main aim is to identify the circumstances of an accident and the culprit.The professional approach of specialists in conducting such an examination depends on the final decision to be taken by the court and the insurance company.


Implementation of auto-technical expertise consists ofthe following investigations:

Investigation of the technical condition of vehicle, identifying of its emergency, threatening traffic safety, the reasons for their formation and the time of occurrence; Determination of the impact of a mechanism malfunction oncar accident occurrence; Determination of the auto accident mechanism of injury and its elements:movement speed (in the presence of traces of braking and damages), braking and stopping trajectory, the position of the vehicle, features of weather conditions and relief and other space-dynamic characteristics of the accident; Determination of compliance with driver’s actions in particular traffic situation, regulated by the Road Traffic Rules, and establishment of a causal relation between driver’s actions and an accident.

The objects of auto-technical examinationare vehicles and their fragments which directly involved in the car accident. An expertise will help to create undeniable evidence base for afair case resolution along with eyewitness testimony in occupational accident and its participants.


Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institutionis a team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience and necessary knowledge base.We can be trusted to conduct the most difficult examination of an auto accident. Be sure that you will receive an objective and fair expert conclusionin the shortest time.


The cost of examination depends on the complexity of a case and the number of questions given to solve.


We hope that an independent examination, implemented by our experts, will help you in defending your interests.