Psychological expertise


види експертиз

Psychological expertise

The Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institution (KIFEI) implements an independent psychological expertise,aimed at solving problems that arise when assessing the phenomena related to human mental activity.Complex psychological examinationis an important and responsible process, so the conduction of expert evaluation should be trusted only to professionals with special knowledges.

Peculiarities of expertise lie in the fact that psychological expert examination is a comprehensive study of a person whose main objective is to determine person’s individual psychological characteristics, character traits; motive forming factors of mental life and behavior;emotional reactions and conditions; regularities of mental processes, their level of development and its individual properties.

Psychological expertise both in civil and in criminal proceedingsis neededin order to indicate different circumstances related to the investigation.The decision on the appointment of examination is submitted both at pre-judicial and judicial investigation with theobligatory compliance ofexamination’s order.

Overall an expertise establishes the psychological features of a person and its demonstrations that are legally significant and cause some legal implications. Within the competence of psychological examination may be attributed any questions with a psychological content that require the use of special psychological knowledge as well.

The decisive role in conducting examination plays a psychology expert, whose main task is to reveal the content of specific people’sactions,involved in the case, to identify these people’sfeatures of perceptionand to determine their relevance to the certain circumstances.

Sometimes there is a needto applya psycholinguistic research method, which is to study the contents of the document with the intent to define the features of a human mind, its memory and perception.

Today it became clear that the success in many practical everyday lifeproblems depends on timely and competent psychological evaluation.Therefore, psychological examination and diagnosis can be used in the career guidance, optimization of education process, making management and personnel decisions, evaluation of the psychological impact of advertising, forecasting of interpersonal relationships, and optimization of decisions in business and sportsphere.The leaders of public, political, educational and commercial organizations often appeal to our psychology experts in Kyiv with asking to conduct psychological research and expertise.