Fire and technical expertise


види експертиз

Fire and technical expertise

The Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institution (KIFEI) implements various types of forensic examinationsincluding fire and technical expertise on demand of its clients in Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine.Our institution has a considerable practical experience that allows us to carry out the examinationeffectively, efficiently and in a short time.

Rarely the fire is a natural disaster; it is frequently someone’s mistake, failure to comply with safety regulations, and possibly a criminal intention. It is a difficult taskto identify the cause of the fire and to identify a culprit becauseduring the fire almost all the traces of the fireare destroyed.

Modern science provides an opportunity to establish the real picture of events and to restore traces of crimes.There are people inour team who know and own the latest methods and can effectively carry out the fire and technical expertise.Their experience in the study of fires allowsestablishing the reason of the fire not only in residential buildings but also in industrial premises, transport objects and so on.

We offer high quality and efficient implementation of the fire and technical expertise that provides clarification on the following questions:

- Determination of the causes, conditions and processes of fire occurrence;

- Determination ofthe time and ways of fire spreads;

- Determination of the circumstances fire spread and occurrence within the investigation (trialproceedings) both criminal and civil cases;

- Evaluation of conditions, means and methods of fire extinguishing;

- Conformity of the object’s technical state with fire regulations.

During the investigation of the causes of fire occurrenceyou should not only rely on conclusions ofpublic institutions because their assessment is not always objective, complete and operative.Fire losses can be significant, that is why typically questions arise about the compensation.After receiving the results of independent fire-technical examination as an official document of evidence, you can count on dispute settlement concerningcompensation for damages.

It is worth mentioning that the services of non-governmental fire experts are becoming more and more popular:specialists have high professional level; the investigation is conducted in the shortest time; the cost of expertise – within reasonable limits. Prompt and timely implementation of fire and technical expertiseallows establishing objective causes of fire, identifying the culprit and determiningthe claims.

The services of independent expertise are provided for both organizations and citizens.The experts of the Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institution will assist you at the highest professional level.