Intellectual property objects examination


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Intellectual property objects examination

The Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institution (KIFEI)provides forensic examinationservices connected with intellectual property objectsin Kyiv and other cities in Ukraine.An expert conclusion is the main argument in defending the intellectual property rights.Our institution has a considerable practical experience that allows us to implementan intellectual property objectsinvestigation effectively, efficiently and in a short time.

The objects of intellectual property include:

industrial property objects (inventions and utility models, industrial samples, rationalization proposals, marks for goods and services (trademarks), commercial names, geographical indications of origin of goods, topographies of integrated circuits, plant varieties, animal species); objects of copyright and related rights (literary and artistic works, audiovisual works, works of painting, architecture, sculpture and graphics, photographic works, works of applied art, illustrations, maps, plans, sketches and plastic works relating to geography, topography, architecture or science; translations, adaptations, arrangements and other alterations of literary or artistic works etc.).

The main purpose of intellectual property rightsis to be profitablefor the owner of its rights.Of course, while creating or acquiring the object of intellectual property rights, everyone wants to get economic benefits.

It is worth noting that intellectual property rights area very complex part of civil law.The acquisition of intellectual property object rights and the effective protection of these rights should be based on reliable regulatory and scientific basis, which requires a qualified expert research, intellectual propertyvaluation.

Intellectual property valuation and examinationis the determination of intellectual property properties and the establishment of usefulness of intellectual activity final results in money equivalentand the means of individualization of services or work, product individualization, legal entityindividualization.Expertise is also needed in the calculation of caused losses in a result of intellectual property rights violation.