Transport-traceological expertise (traffic accident investigation)


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Transport-traceological expertise (traffic accident investigation)

The main objectives of transport- traceological expertise:

identification of traces left by vehicles anda particular specimen, or establishment of its type and model; determination of the relative position of the vehicles at the time of collision; determination ofthe vehicles collision place and hitting an obstacle (pedestrian) place, establishment of the mechanism of traces formation; determination of the location of a vehicle relative to the roadway at the time of collision.

A solution of these problems is made through theinvestigation of vehiclesdamageand tracesfound at the place of aroad traffic accident.So an appointment oftransport-traceological expertise is appropriate only when there is an opportunity to provide the objects of a collision or fixed tracks in the case materials to anexpert.

An oriented list of issues to be solved is as follows:

1) Are the certain traces [the type and the place of traces is indicated] left by the running gear (wheels, tires, tracks etc.) of a vehicle?

2)What is the mechanism of injury in a vehicle accident?

3) Are the tracesleft bya certain parts of a vehicle?

4)What is the type (brand, model) ofa vehicle, which left the traces?

5)What was the relative position of the vehicles at the time of collision?

6)What was the relative position of the vehicles and hitting an obstacle (pedestrian) position at the time of collision?

7)What is the mechanism of the contact betweena vehicle and a pedestrian?

8)Who among the people in the vehicle was driving (a complex forensic transport-traceologicalexpertiseis appointedto solve issues as for the relative position of a vehicle and a victim and as for the person who was driving the vehicle)during the road accident [surname, name and patronymic of people are indicated]?

9)Which of the vehicles during the collision was standing and which of them was moving?

10) In what place on the road a collision of vehicles (hitting a pedestrian) happened?

11)What is the mechanism oftraces (hits, sliding etc.) formation?

12)In which direction the vehicle was moving?