Commodity auto-expert expertise


види експертиз

Commodity auto-expert expertise

The main objective of commodity auto-expert examination is a determination of the market value of wheeled vehicles and theircomponent parts.In the course of conducting commodity auto-expert expertise, issues considering compensation for material losses caused in a resultof wheeled vehiclesdamage are also to be resolved.

In order to solve theissues, an expert is provided witha wheeled vehicle and supporting documents relating to its registration, the materials about an event that caused material damage, and the documentation with necessary materials, which are essential for resolving questionsraisedby the court.

The Authority or the authorized person who appointed an expertise should provide access to the vehicle inspection and specific conditions (good light, unimpeded accessto a motor vehicle).

According to the methodology of commodity auto-expert examination, the key questions are the following:

1)What is the market value of the wheeled vehicle and its components in case of alienation?

2)What is the starting price of the wheeled vehicle for sale at an auction or a competition?

3)What is the cost of the wheeled vehicle as the object of pledge?

4)What is the cost of the wheeled vehicleas a part of individual personalproperty to declare?

5)What is the cost of the wheeled vehicleinsurance for natural persons and legal entities?

6)What is the material losses caused to an owner in case of a vehicledeformation?What is the cost torepairthe wheeled vehicle?

7)What is the cost of the wheeled vehiclein case of resolving disputes about separation of property?

8)What is the cost of arrested, confiscated or recognized as ownerless wheeled vehicles, their components in case of forced sale?

9)What is the cost of the wheeled vehicles and theircomponent parts that are imported to the customs territory of Ukraine?

10) What is the cost of a separate wheeled vehicle as part of the fixed assets of legal entities?

11) What is the cost of a separate wheeled vehiclein order to determine the amount of obligatory payments into the budget?

12) What is the year of production of the wheeled vehicles and theircomponent parts?

13)What is the completeness and components of the wheeled vehicle in accordance with the standards and technical documentation of the manufacturer?

14)What arethe typeof the wheeled vehicle,its model and version?

15)What arethe typeof the wheeled vehicle, its engine capacity,engine displacement, body type and other technical indicators?

16)What is the classification of the wheeled vehicle (or its components) according to the Ukrainian Classification of Goods for Foreign Economic Activity (UCGFEA)?