ABOUT US / The history of creation

Kyiv Independent Forensic Expert Institution (KIFEI) was founded in June 2011. During the last6 years of our practice, more than 2 thousands of forensic examinations and expert researches were conducted by our experts.KIFEIimplements its work to meet the needs of the judicial authorities, other public authorities and in order to provide services to businesses and individuals with independent, qualified and objective expertise, focused on maximum usage of scientific and technological achievements.

KIFEI’s main activities are conducting forensic examinations and expert researches in the following fields:

- DNA analysis;

- Economic expertise;

- Auto-technical expertise;

- Psychological expertise;

- Commodity expertise;

- Handwriting;

- Psychophysiological expertise;

- Fire and technical expertise;

- Commodity auto-expert expertise;

- Building and technical expertise;

- Transport-traceological expertise;

- Computer equipment and software expertise;

- Intellectual property objects examination;

- Other types of forensic examinations and expert researches.

Our experts’comments and explanationson common problems, solved by them during forensic examinations and researches, can also be heard in TV programs.In particular, "ZnakOkluky" ("TVi"channel), "Provokator" ("ICTV"channel), "Vikna" ("STB"channel), "GovorytUkraina" ("Ukraine"channel) etc.KIFEI is Knowledgeablespecialists, Innovative technologies, Fair decisions,Effective results, In-time assistance.